Friday, 24 August 2012

Made it! The end of the end to end

Ok that's it then. I preferred Dunnet Head but I suppose JOG has to be done. Total mileage 1066.
Now having a warming coffee (its quite chilly here) before the lengthy drive to Edinburgh with Rob. Pleased to have finished with no aches or pains, just nicely tired.
Thanks for messages of support, they've been much appreciated.
The photo here isn't very good against the sky but at least proves we were here!
I may add final thoughts when the dust settles but look forward to seeing some of you at least soon. Cheers for now and thanks for reading each gripping instalment.


  1. The record for cycling from Land's End to John o' Groats is 41 hours, 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Hell a runner even did it in only 9 days. What took you so long!
    I'll let you off though as I guess waiting for Chris slowed you up.
    A guy even did it in a wheelchair in just 7 days, can you believe it. But you did beat a 4 year old book who cycled it over 31 days.
    Very envious Indeed. Great story for the grand kids one day!
    I wonder what the next challenge might be?
    Distance cycled in a year record set in 1939 any guesses?

  2. Boy not book....typo!

    Ans. 75,000 miles.