Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thursday morning - wonky phone

Hi Folks. We are at the best B&B yet at Claughton on Brock. Got drenched yesterday but Landlady is washing and drying everything. Great. But my IPhone I think has got damp and is very erratic. I often can't get the home page so can't get the blog or phone or messages. Very frustrating. So I may not be able to post or respond to emails or texts or make calls. So bear with me! Also reception here and in Garstang is non existent. So hoping things improve once we get going. Feeling tired at moment and we have both got shoulder problems for some reason. Otherwise going ok generally. Lovely to see Charlotte and Lenny at lunchtime yesterday in Ormskirk as well. Penrith is the target today. Hope the phone behaves!

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