Friday, 17 August 2012

Thornhill 2

Wow. What a meal. Collected by Stam and Helen and driven back to Dumfries where Helen laid on delicious Scotch Broth followed by Paella and then Pavlova. All veg was home grown and it was best meal yet! Good company. Compared Gambia notes. She had breast cancer a few years ago and also does a lot of fund raising for Cancer Research. Lovely couple and smashing evening. Woke this morning to more heavy rain. 57 miles to the ferry at Ardeissan so hoping weather improves en route and is better for rest day tomorrow


  1. Really enjoying the blog dad. Sounds like its going well, enjoy a well earned rest tomorrow.
    Tim Xxx

  2. Hi Malcolm, great to follow you on the blog. Sounds like a pretty hard journey but I'm sure you can make it. Looking forward to hear all about it in a warm and sunny place...maybe Gambia.