Thursday, 23 August 2012

Stunning arrival

Now at Tongue after a fantastic afternoon ride across the most beautiful and remote landscape. The sun was out, the wind behind us and next to no traffic at all. You could see for miles and not a soul or house to be seen. Awesome. Better still Rob arrived as I had my stop to celebrate passing 60 miles (I had a break at 10 mile intervals) and we then leapfrogged taking photos and admiring the views. The B&B is very nice as well and we are now in the hotel about to have a pint and some grub before our last days ride tomorrow. We did west coast to east coast yesterday and now north coast today! Great stuff! The scenery here at Tongue is lovely as I hope two of the attached photos demonstrate. There is one problem though - midges! Ok when cycling, a nuisance when stopped by the coast. Hey ho.


  1. Looks amazing! nearly there now :)

    Amelia and I did a 30 mile ride last Sun in honour of your efforts. I got saddle sores and the heavens opened when we were at eccleshall which meant wearrived home completely sodden! Rather puts your achievement in perspective, very proud of you.

    Enjoy the last bit, look forward to seeing you soon

    Tim and Amelia xxx

  2. Looks and sounds a lot like Island. Enjoy the last bit.