Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mallaig - Phew!

Found B&B and got in at 1705 after a very hard but beautiful day's riding. Scenery was terrific and most roads very quiet (see photo). Loads of hills though which were very taxing. Sunny most of day but rained for last 5 miles but threw it down just after we arrived.
After one long climb there was a terrific descent and we both did just under 50mph! Fastest I've ever been on a solo bike! Average for the day as a whole was around 12mph though.
Landlord falls over himself to be helpful and the beds were deep in tourist information! Had to clear it to sit down!
I did write more here but then managed to delete it so you'll have to imagine the rest! Mainly to say I am somewhat anxious about tomorrow. 86 miles to Dingwall and rain forecast. Could be a tall order.
Thanks for messages incidentally. They are nice to receive and know someone is out there reading all this stuff!

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow then, hopefully you'll be treated to some equally beautiful scenery to help you along. Lenny sends some encouraging bounces, slobber and drool. Lots of love, Charl, Jonny & Lenny x