Thursday, 16 August 2012

Brief Encounter

Film buffs will now know where I am. Carnforth Station Refreshment Room! This was the place they filmed BE in 1945 with Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. It is now an excellent exhibition centre and also refreshment room! Well worth a visit.
I'm cycling separately today and sticking to main roads as the gradients will be easier than the monitor lanes route I originally planned and which Chris is using today. We will meet in Penrith. The B&B was the best ever. Margaret the host got all our clothes dry, ran us into Garstang for a meal and was helpfulness personified. The house was lovely too - apart from rubbish phone reception! Thoroughly recommend it - Little Stubbins at Claughton on Brock.
Now heading for Kendal after being 'refreshed! here.

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