Thursday, 16 August 2012


I thought today would be a bit of a slog and after lunch at Kendal there was the long climb of Shap on the A6. However it was a very good experience. The A6 was nearly empty and there was a strong tailwind and sunshine. The climb took an hour but the downhill the other side was worth it! Flew down at 30-40mph. I think I will drive on this stretch rather than the M6 as it is a lovely stretch of road! Chris came the scenic route on minor roads. Bigger climbs but he enjoyed the day too and also found the main roads pleasantly uncluttered. I'm having trouble with my right hamstring bit am hoping it will settle and not cause too much of a problem.
Penrith is a nice town and we are just heading out for a meal now. Thankfully my phone has started to behave itself. I must keep it dry at all costs I think! More news tomorrow.

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