Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Arran Ferry

Well the first hour riding was basically in cloud so misty and damp. Not much fun. But then it dried up and we were making good progress so spirits lifted. Overtook some other LEJOGGERS en route but also heading for Arran ferry. After one cafe stop we got to Ardrossan in very good time for the 3.15 ferry. On board now and the weather is lovely. Sunny and clear now so the islands look beautiful all laid out around us. I've never been to Arran before. It looks massive from here! Hope the weather stays like this for a few days. That's a big ask I think! Fo now we are going to enjoy the 50 minute crossing and a welcome rest day tomorrow.
Not sure if the photos will attach but having a go. One on board the other on the seafront at Brodick (and not all the cloud came from the ship's funnel!). The B&B is excellent and the weather perfect so definitely a good start to our mini 'holiday'.

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