Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday's blog late - excellent riding

Hi again. Great days riding today. 81 miles but dry all the way and a gentle tailwind. Arrived by 1645hrs which is much more civilised.
Nearly ran over a weasel today or was it a stoat? Very thin and quick across the road anyway. Ignored 2 road closed signs and had no prob with either in getting bikes through! Still expected to get told off but didn't!
Stopped in Wem for lunch. No decent pubs to be seen but loads of elderly cyclists (ie prob my age) out for a day ride all looking for a lunch stop. Business opportunity there for someone.
I have some saddle soreness - just thought you would like to know - so am applying lots of special creams and being brave.
Quite a posh B&B in Chester. Given slippers on the way in. That's a first. My namesake Uncle is joining us tonight for a meal which will be good he lives in Ruabon which isn't far away.
So that's you up to date. Hope this isn't too trivial. Forecast for tomorrow afternoon is horrendous so we may be waterlogged at the next stop. Hope they have good drying rooms.

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