Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Made it on 'Ferry cross the Mersey'

Phew! We were in a real deadline to catch the last commuter ferry at 0940 so ride like madmen from Chester, averaging more than 16 mph for 20 miles. Might not sound a lot but it was! OK I know Wiggins does 30 but his whole bike weighs less than my saddle. We turned up at Birkenhead Woodside feeling pleased only to be told the ferry left from Seacombe! We powered there with 10 mins to spare so enjoyed the blustery ferry trip, landing by the Liver Building and offices where my grandfather used to work for Cunards. Now having restorative coffee in Costas in Bootle. Hope to meet Charlotte a little later en route then are bracing ourselves for horrendous rain forecast for later. Hey ho!

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