Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lunchtime at Lairg

Well I'm feeling more tired today. Wonder why?! Had a good evening with Chris's friends. B&B was rather strange. More like using the small spare room in someone's house! We got away about 8.30 and dropped off main panniers at the SNH office for Rob to collect on his way to join us. Glad of reduced weight but still pretty slow up the hills. We've managed 40 miles this far though so 37 to go after lunch to Tongue. May be what they call a 'Steady One'.

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  1. Well we managed a very steady 12 miles in the forest last night followed by a few HPA's. Not surprisingly we spent more time at the Mug than in the saddle! The nights are noticeably drawing in which I'm sure is more so for you. Rather depressing! Your weather forecast looks much the same for the final day but hopefully the sun will shine as you cross the finishing line. A fantastic achievement well done. You guys should now be in good shape for the tour of Britain. Bradley needs you!