Tuesday, 4 September 2012

LEJOG Round Up

Pleased we finished the ride in good shape and good heart. All went pretty well according to plan which was a relief. Planning ahead was fun but means you are committed to a schedule. Hence the relief that it worked out.
For those like me interested in stats we did:
1066 miles
Average speed 12.9 mph
Total ascent (and descent!) 51820'
Longest day 93.32 miles
Top speed 48.8mph (briefly)
Hardest day. Day 1.
It's true what they say. Hills are far worse in Cornwall and Devon than in Scotland, compounded by very hot weather and gale force headwinds!
Rest of the way though the winds were more behind which was v helpful.
Bed and breakfasts and hotels pretty variable but generally pretty good. I can recommend excellent places near Preston and on Arran, and places to avoid in Camelford and Mallaig!
If I ever did the end to end again (unlikely!) I would probably spread it over 3 weeks and reduce the daily mileage. More likely would be a cycling tour of the Western Scottish Isles which were stunning and good fun hopping on and off ferries. I would avoid the midge season though!
The Blog seemed to work well and I've had lots of comments about it, including from friends in Denmark and Australia! However people had difficulties leaving comments unless they had a google account. It would be good another time to have a blog to which it is easier to leave comments. Many thanks for the emails and texts though - they were nice to receive en route.
I think I will have raised about £1500 for the work on Gambia so many thanks for your contributions.
I didn't realise until about Day 7 that I could add photos! So here for completeness is a photo at Lands End. Also one crossing the Severn Bridge and another on the Mersey Ferry. Hope you like them.
Thanks for reading this. Hope to see you soon. Best wishes to all. Malcolm

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